CHAPTER ONE: My Childhood

Pre reading activities.

· Look at the illustration on page 9. On page 11 you read " I am a sister, a daughter, a wife and a friend. my name is Ursula, which means little bear. It is a family name." Who could be the people in Ursula’s family? Make predictions about the story of her family.

· Here are some significant sentences from the chapter in scrambled order. Suggest the order in which they will occur.

Now I enjoy the Waltz too. I taught my husband the basic steps so that we could have a traditional dance at our wedding before the rock and roll started.
I was eight years old when my father took me out for ice cream, just the two of us, and told me my parents were getting a divorce.
When I was eleven years old my father sent me to ballroom dance lessons. I hated them.
Americans tend to move around quite a bit … and so we too moved back to a house on dry land.
I was born in San Francisco on the morning of June 24th, 1977.
When I was about three years old, we went to live on a sailboat on the Bay, near Sausalito.
Both my parents grew up in the state of New York at the height of the hippy days they grew their hair long and migrated west to California.
America has always been too big a concept for me and while I was living in the States, I never necessarily thought of myself as American. I only began to feel more American after living in Italy for a while.
I have two sisters, Nicole who is older than me and Lara who is younger.
I remember always drawing during recess in kindergarden. (…) In elementary school … the part I loved the most wasn’t necessarily writing in our main lesson books, but illustrating them.
We used to go visit Grandma Rose (…) Grandma Rose’s mother had immigrated to the States from Sicily when she was still young.
Looking back I see that it was good for me to grow up in two households, it gave me a sense of two completely different worlds. They both lived in opposite ways and I see that now, as an adult in my own home, I’ve taken on a bit of each, mixing and matching the things I liked.
My sisters and I grew up vegeterian and my favourite food was always Italian.