STARTING the reading:

(the following activities before reading the first chapter, are meant to raise awareness of the subject and activate what the learners already know. But if the learners canít wait for beginning reading donít make them wait too long! Click and go directly to chapter one)

chapter one
This is obviously where to start! Look at it and describe it: WHO can you see? WHAT is she doing? WHAT can you see in the background? Are there the symbols of any famous city? Make predictions about the contents based on the cover and the title.

chapter one
Illustrations that accompany the text are also extremely interesting. They have been drawn by the author herself.

chapter one
Chapter headings.
The book is devided in 4 chapters, each with additional subdivisions: 1. My childhood; 2. Moving east; 3. Italy; 4. Proverbs, songs and recipies.

chapter one
This is a climax scene in the story: "I was paired up with a rather nice looking guy, with dark features, who I started meeting with regularly. His name was Matteo and he wasnít that great with English but for some reason we were able to communicate. Our first meeting was in a little Cafť on via Ginori and we talked about where we came from. when he said he was from Parma, I blurted out, "Then you are Parmigian!" thinking I had called him a piece of cheesem, I burst out laughing. Little did I know that the people in Parma do call themselves Parmigiani."
Can you make any predictions on what come before this and after this in the story?

chapter one
What do you know about the author?
You probably havenít had the chance to meet her yet, even though she has already written various books for children that she personally illustrates. She is American and she lives in Pisa with her husband and her two sons. Besides illustrating books she paints oil canvas. If you want to know more about her, visit her site
There you can find information about her published works, her projects and also some interesting links to the Art schools and Colleges she has attended in America and in Italy. If your dream is that of becoming an artist you should find all this extremely interesting.

chapter one